Pictures of people I love (link pages open in a separate window).

Goodbye, Uncle Jack (my site)
We made a hurry-up trip to Pennsylvania to attend final services for Rae's Uncle Jack.
Cruising to Mexico (my site)
Our son, Adam, and us took a cruise to Mexico in December '05 to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.
Matt's Pictures from Iraq (my site)
...So far only one, but he has a new camera so look for more. (The man with the black jacket is the Secretary of the Air Force.)
Matt's Pictures from Iraq (Ofoto)
2005, November (my site)
...Pictures from our trip to Arizona to see our son, Matt, off to Iraq
2005, October (my site)
...Pictures from our trip to Pennsylvania
2005 (my site)
...A collection of shots including Adam and our 40th wedding anniversary
2004 (Ofoto)
...Christmas 2004 trip to Arizona
2004 (Ofoto)
...Christmas 2004 Wolletts
2004 (Ofoto)
...January 2004 trip to Erie
2003 (my site)
...A collection of shots
Pennsylvania (my site)
...from January 2003
Rae and Students (Ofoto)
...from December 2002
The Reception (Ofoto)
Opening the Presents (Ofoto)

Did we have a wedding? (Ofoto)

Family who came to the wedding (Ofoto)
The Greatest Picture I Ever Took
My son, Adam's, graduation from Hope International (Ofoto)
RAUHS Class of '61 40th Reunion
(my server)
The world's most beautiful child (Dec. 2001) (Ofoto)
The Easter Visit (March 2002) (Ofoto)
Our Trip to Alaska (Sept. 2000) (Ofoto)
_blank Older Pictures of Doni (Sept. 1999) (Ofoto)
Other People I Love (my server)
Fritizie's Last Day (Sept. 1, 1999) (my server)
Other Pictures of Doni and His Family (my server)
Other Assorted Pictures (my server)



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