(July 10) No mercy

We shall show mercy, but we shall not ask for it. (Sir Winston S. Churchill)

As he was led to the chopping block following a year in prison, Sir Thomas Moore saw that his executioner was nervous. Showing mercy to the man who was about to cut off his head, Moore turned to him and said, "Be not afraid, for you send me to God."

What a stirring story! But as I think about it I have to wonder why a person who is truly filled with the grace of God would ever have an inclination to weep and plead for mercy in such a circumstance. In that circumstance why not display mercy towards the person about to execute you? If we are sure that death sends us to God, it would be illogical to behave in any other fashion. Certainly Thomas Moore in the hour of his death filled his soul with light by showing mercy towards his headsman.

Churchill's quote for today speaks strongly to me. There is something appealing about his ideal of showing mercy to everyone and not to ask for it from anyone. I am to be able to experience the mercy of God to the extent that there is no one towards whom I wouldn't show mercy if given the opportunity to do so. How grand that in this place of grace in which God has placed me so that I don't require mercy from anyone in the world!

Heavenly Father, thanks so much for your mercy that fills my heart with your love towards all the people around me; that gives me the peace to require no mercy when faced with the evil of others towards me.

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( by Don Huntington, June, 2003)
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