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A Snippet of Encouragement for Abundant Living

(based upon his book How To Put Your Whole Self In)

January 1 — Start Out New Each Day

Be done with New Year's Resolutions. Once a year provides a far too leisurely cadence for setting rhythms and patterns that can change the habitual ways in which to think and behave. We must reset each day.

December 31 — Pay Love Foreward

Our love for people who are themselves unloving and unlovable will have an effortless quality if we don't have to try to love them for who they are but love them because of the wisdom that we are coming to.

December 30 — Joyfully Resign Yourself to Life

Genuine resignation to the will of God finds in any circumstance a source of energy for growth and spiritual abundance.

December 29 — Serve Sincerely

Acts of sincere service for the people around us transforms life from something similar to the discordant honking and blatting of instruments tuning up before a concert into a symphony performance under the direction of an Almighty Conductor.

December 28 — Practice Continual Improvement

Seek continually to correct and improve yourself and your circumstances. For example, go out of your comfort zone to find the kind of profession you could be happy with — being confident that if things don't work out, you will simply try something else.

December 27 — Focus on Relationships

Focus on relationships — approaching God as a You, rather than as a He (or her) while striving to serve, respect, and even to admire the people surrounding you.

December 26 — Expect to be Surprised

Find inspiration in small things that would be overlooked by a heart not prepared to be astonished.

December 25 — Think God

Look for God in your family, through the affection of your friends, in the faces of the people you worship with, in the events taking place in your daily life.... Open your eyes to see that He is Emmanuel "God With Us!" indeed. Each day is the Day Of His Birth.

December 24 — Truly He taught us to love one another

God help us to genuinely love even those who neither desire nor deserve our love — to do it because of what we are becoming, and because of who He is.

December 24 — Honor and Respect to Everyone

My goal is to honor and value everyone I meet because I hope that people will overlook my sometimes odd behaviors and the remarkable number of times I've failed to live up to other’s expectations of me.

December 23 — Don't Stand Still

Continually reassess your worldview and your understanding of truth. People who are humble are easier to live with.

December 22 — Love Widely and Deeply

When we are willing to love everybody, we become better at loving anybody.

December 21 — Love People as They Are

Do not merely accept people, but embrace them with all their flaws and short-comings. Learn the truth of Norman Vincent Peale's promise, "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow." Try to do that continually; do it right now.

December 20 — Show Appreciation

People are more hungry for respect than for bread, so display sincere appreciation whenever it is possible to do so. Why not, when it is possible to do so much good with so little effort?

December 19 — Be Fearless

Unreasing fear is worse than pain and loss. Genuine courage opens windows of joy.

December 18 — Stop Trying to Justify Yourself

As part of our practicing humility, let us never to defensive about anything.

December 17 — Maintain Implacable Joy

Never permit the quality of other people's driving — or any circumstance over which you have no control — to affect your joy.

December 16 — Look for Good

Whether or not we can discern it, every event in life contains some meaning, purpose, lesson, or reminder. The worst circumstances sometimes turn out to be our greatest stories! Best of all, "Underneath are the everlasting arms." Dependably so!

December 15 — Be Continually Kind, Calm, and Peaceable

By being kind towards people who are rude, calm when conditions about you are stormy, and peaceable in the face of confrontation you will rob any situation of the power to make you a victim.

December 14 — Remember Where Your True Value Comes From

Many of us attempt to acquire significance by our own efforts. However, each of us was created to be a vessel filled with the essence of Eternity as clear water might fill a pot to overflowing and splashing its refreshing contents on each other.

December 13 — Continue Learning

A willingness to learn and the continual acts of doing so are essential parts of the process of putting our whole self into life. Any smug satisfaction with our own wisdom would greatly diminish our effectiveness in building strong relationships with anybody.

December 12 — Avoid Gossip

I am trying never to listen to gossip about another person unless I am either part of the problem or part of the solution. Otherwise, I turn a deaf ear — just as I wish people would ignore any gossip about me, no matter how juicy it might seem.

December 11 — Put Knowledge to Work

Only through practical application can knowledge be driven into our hearts and then converted into wisdom that will transform our choices and behaviors that make us good for ourselves, for others, and for Heaven's sake.

December 10 — Be a Little Vulnerable

If we are too protective of our boundaries and restrain our generosity too much, some people will take it as a challenge and attempt to surmount the walls we have erected. People will be less likely to take advantage of a truly generous and charitable spirit than of a stingy and miserly attitude.

December 9 — Just Dance!

If you can learn to dance during the storms of your life, then you can get other people up on their feet and dancing along with you through their storms. Just dance!

December 8 — Do a Little Bit of Good

The intention of simply doing a little bit of good is a magnificent motivator for me. I am not trying to rescue other people or save them from themselves. I am simply doing whatever little bit of good that comes my way.

December 7 — Listen to Your Critics

I'll always attempt to learn something from a criticism without trying to judge whether or not the criticism is called-for. After all, I am a totally unreliable judge of whether a criticism directed against myself is valid because in those situations I am much too prone to give myself the benefit of the doubt.

December 6 — Look for the Bright Side

I am continually reassured by my realization that, as Helen Keller reminded us, though the world is full of suffering, it is also filled with examples of the overcoming of it. There is abundant evidence in the world around me to confirm me in my conviction that the universe is ultimately benevolent.

December 4 — Avoid Pointless Speech

It is far too easy to drown relationships beneath waves of speech, thoughtless sentiment, and half-baked opinions. I no longer destroy opportunities to bless by harmful and pointless criticism. I have finally learned the value of restraining my tongue.

December 3 — Take the Higher Road

Conflict is an inescapable part of life, but by the grace of God I'm no longer conflicted! Our spirits can float above the chaos.

December 2 — Don't Wound Others

Years ago people opened wounds in my spirit with their words that I still carry with me. Moreover, I have harmed others with my words, damaging them far beyond the ability of any powers I possess to heal the harm that I inflicted. I'm trying to be careful with my mouth.

December 1 — Watch for the Gifts

Don't Overlook Blessings The gifts of God will pass without us noticing them until we finally recognize them as they continually flow around us.

November 30 — Learn the Rhythms of Grace

The Head Instructor is trying gently to plant these rhythms in our heart. Like a parent with a young child, He takes delight in our most faltering attempts to join the Cosmic Dance.

November 29 — Tune Your Heart to Hear the Music

Learn to shut out the noise that interferes with your ability to hear the Music of the Spheres and prevents you from continually enjoying the dance of life.

November 28 — Dance in the Rain

Life is a performing arts festival and in the midst of life's storms I am learning to dance in the rain.

November 27 — Master Your Lessons

The hours of each day constitute a lecture hall or a classroom in which Heaven is trying to teach lessons about authentic living and preparing the willing learner for eternity. Everything that happens in the sometimes-rough schoolhouse of life becomes a learning experience and an occasion of praise for any receptive heart.

November 26 — Learn to Apply Gentleness and Firmness Correctly

Saint Teresa of Avila advised us to "Be gentle to all and stern with yourself." Only by following her admonition can we truely be good for ourselves and good for others. In fact, there is no other way to do so.

November 25 — Repair Your Vision

When we learn to look at the world with new eyes are able to embrace some of the opportunities for service and growth that we now see scattered about us.

November 24 — Learn to Really See

The truth about the nature of life and my purpose in the world has been dawning upon me gradually for a number of years, and I am still dazzled by it — as though I started out blind and have only gradually been gaining my eyesight.

November 23 — Give Yourself Away In Small Things

Bringing companionship and comfort to a lonely child or encouraging a smile from an unhappy person will have a good effect on our wellbeing because sharing positive energies with others is the best part of the Upward Path that we are walking.

November 22 — Take Appropriate Charge

We are able to throw ourselves into life by understanding that we alone are responsible for our own success or failure. At any particular moment we are creating our reality through the attitudes we maintain and the choices we make.

November 21 — Embrace Hopefulness

We lift our spirits by confidence that we are held by strong arms, guided by a brilliant light, and swept along a shining river. We may be assured that the arms are eternal, the light is shining from Heaven, and the river's mouth is Eternity.

November 20 — Choose Your Destiny Wisely

Destiny is a matter of choice rather than chance. By becoming aware of our power we master circumstances rather than being victimized by them.

November 19 — Exhibit Constant Love and Appreciation

People are more hungry for love than for bread, so the best thing we can do is to display sincere love and appreciation whenever it is possible to do so. Why shouldn't we, when it is possible to do so much good with so little effort?

November 18 — Honor Everyone

Our effects upon the world will be much more positive when we approach the worst of people as though they were honorable, worthy human beings! They might eventually come to trust us enough to be willing to receive suggestions for changing their attitudes and behaviors.

November 17 — Encourage Everyone

Negative words bring out the worst in the people we criticize. We encourage good in others by going to what is good in them.

November 16 — Rise Above Your Circumstances

We may plant our feet upon a mighty Rock that will give us traction for moving forward in life plus leverage for assisting others to move towards their own goals. We will be working less and accomplishing more.

November 15 — Rise Above Your Circumstances

Dysfunctional people and negative circumstances will have little impact on us if we will simply develop a habit of being kind towards people who are rude, regularly calm when conditions about us are stormy, and peaceable in the face of confrontation.

November 14 — Live in Courage

Do not fill your mind with dark thoughts about death and disease, but learn to face with cheerful acceptance the reality of your own mortality and the mortality of those you love.

November 13 — Don't Fear Death

Perhaps the approach of my final hour will trouble my mind and spirit because I was certainly shocked a few years ago when diagnosed with cancer. I am prepared to have some difficulty making the Final Transition, but even though I may tremble on the Rock, I'm standing on a Rock that never trembles.

November 12 — Keep Going

A successful attitude rises above the vagaries of emotions.

November 11 — Turn on the Lights

We can fill our lives with light and happiness by doing nothing more than waking ourselves to the beauty of the world that surrounds us and the amazing human beings with whom we will have contact!

November 10 — Let Them Be Wrong In

The more wisdom we acquire the more willing we will be to not correct people even when we know how wrong they are.

November 9 — Do Small Things

The smallest graceful action can sometimes open the fountains of grace. A hug for a grieving person; a warm smile for a harassed woman at a grocery store checkout counter; a simple touch on the arm for a worried parent; a morning cup of coffee for someone you love.... These minor acts generate currents of happiness that will flow through your world and your life.

November 8 — Stop Hurtful Speech

People have damaged us with their words. Furthermore, we have damaged others with our words, harming them far beyond the ability of any healing powers we possess to undo the wrongs we have done. Let us be careful with what comes out of our mouths.

November 7 — Begin Each Day on the Right Foot

Begin every morning with a prayer, "Lord, keep your arm over my shoulder and your hand over my mouth."

November 6 — Secure a Good Death

KWe buy a good death with the price of a good life.

November 5 — Earn Self-Respect

The practice of giving myself into the lives of others is making me a successful human being. The guy in the mirror is someone whose company I at last can enjoy.

November 4 — Grow Richer

We enriched ourselves by putting our whole selves into the task of helping others in any way we can. Jesus said, "Listen carefully to what I am saying — and be wary of the shrewd advice that tells you how to get ahead in the world on your own. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity. Stinginess impoverishes." (Message Translation)

November 3 — Put Your Whole Self In

Fully engaging in your relationships with the people around you will generate positive energies that will strengthen them while filling you own spirit with the joy that only comes through acts of service freely given.

November 2 — Hold Opinions With a Loose Grip

Since most opinions aren't based upon good information, they are merely expressions of the people's particular biases, so try to hang on to your opinions with a loose grip. It's a difficult challenge, but with practice you can get better at it.

November 1 — Change the Future

Even though no amount of mercy can change the past, the most minor act of forgiveness will bless me in the present and enlarge my future.

October 31 — Let it Be

Stop praying fervently that God will protect you from disease, poverty, or any circumstance but allow His Presence to help you to completely embrace life however it comes. You'll find such steady composure to be more gratifying than health and more satisfying than wealth.

October 30 — Look for the Good

When I contracted cancer I became aware of previously unsuspected resources of grace and developed increased capacity to reach out to others in meaningful ways. I've demonstrated the truth through countless harsh circumstances the unfailing reality that "good things come out of bad things."

October 29 — Adjust Your Attitude

Attitude is more powerful than any circumstance. Although she was blind and deaf, Helen Keller thoroughly enjoyed her life. Billy Graham maintains a smile on his face while dying of Parkinson's Disease. Jesus died "for the joy set before Him."

October 28 — Live for Heaven's Sake

Heaven is holding out happiness and joy without a price tag to everyone who will reach out and take. Refuse to be distracted by material issues and thus fail to receive these greater gifts.

October 27 — Accept Everything

Uncomfortable and even tragic things that come into my life will have a positive effect when faced with the courage that comes naturally from a willingness to embrace the world as it is and to accept events and circumstances as from the hand of God.

October 26 — Laugh Your Way Into Love

Laughter is one of the great bonds that keep my wife, Rae, and me in close relationship with each other. The warm sunshine of appropriate humor has the power to melt the icy grip of depression, anxiety, anger, and hurt feelings.

October 25 — Let it Be

Living will require less effort than if you quit trying so hard anymore and learn just to "let it be." The windows of Heaven will open and you will be drenched in the sunlight that pours through them every day. Give up responsibility for outcomes.

October 24 — Do No Harm

A big part of success in creating and maintaining healthy relationships is learning to habitually avoid attitudes and behaviors that serve to bring us down and diminish the happiness of the people around us.

October 23 — Be Constantly Recharging

The processes of our lives run down towards stasis and doldrums if not continually renewed by a source of energy from outside the system of our individual lives. We need each other! We need the grace of Heaven!

October 22 — Hope Always

The virtues of patience and perseverance operate most strongly in the absence of positive circumstances or feelings. Hope is the quality that carries me through the darkness towards a light that I believe to be at the end of every tunnel even when I am unable to see even a glimmer of it. Hope is a moral attribute; it is a character trait.

October 21 — Hold on to Truth with a Humble Grasp

I once heard a missionary say to a congregation that the reason the world looks down on us is because we always act like we have the truth. There was a moment's silence and then he said, "Well, we do have the truth, don't we?" Then he said, "But the problem is that we act like it is our truth."

October 20 — Under No Circumstance

A pastor once asked me how I was doing. I responded by saying, "Pretty good, under the circumstance." "Well, what are you doing under the circumstance?" he asked.
Good question!
Let's stay out from "under the circumstance."

October 19 — Stay Plugged in to The Source

A divine Presence is flowing like a fountain through my spirit like refreshing water to overflow any parched conditions in my mind and spirit. The cares and hammerings of life lose their ability to affect me very much as long as I remain connected to that internal source of renewal and healing.

October 18 — Love as a Deliberate Action

I have been happily married for nearly five decades and a big part of the success of my marriage is telling my wife that I love her as soon as she gets out of bed in the morning no matter how I feel. When I married her, I said that I would love her until death parted us, and that was a promise not a prediction. As a result, I nearly always "feel" the love, but that's not the point.

October 17 — Enjoy the Trip

We are at our best when we are aware of a heavenly wind that is blowing us through life and that in some wonderful way we are just along for the ride. How eagerly do I look forward to the destination towards which the winds of the Spirit are carrying me!

October 16 — Expect Love to Work

I have learned that if I deliberately place myself in the service of co-workers, family members, and friends, they do not rush at me to take too much advantage of my kindness. I expect people to be kind and not impose upon me in some inappropriate fashion. Therefore, they don't!

October 15 — Practice Unconditional Love

People tend to resist showing unconditional and unselfish generosity for fear that others will take advantage of them. However, if I love the people around me as God said I should love them, then I want them to take advantage of me. Positively motivated sacrifice opens windows through which joy is able to flood my soul.

October 14 — Stay Calm

Angry ringing denouncements always pull down our own spirit and exert a negative effect upon the people around us. Let's cease expressing angry disapproval about anything and strive to have a warming gentle influence on others and never again an inflammatory one.

October 13 — Forgive Everybody for Everything

Forgive people for their offenses even when they don't deserve forgiveness (usually they do), but simply because a forgiving spirit is a necessary ingredient in any recipe for a happy and joyful life.

October 12 — Accept Your Reward for Being Generous

People are usually willing to be kind towards someone who has done some good service for them. But the magnificent reality is that acts of service have their own reward; generosity generates a sometimes-irresistible reciprocating force.

October 11 — Don't Give in to Anger

The Bible says, "Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs." Buddha agrees about anger's bad effects. "Never in this world can hatred be stilled by hatred." He then added, "It will be stilled only by non-hatred — this is the law Eternal." A spirit of criticism and a spirit of serenity, like oil and water, will never mix. Non-hatred is a good first step on the pathway to unconditional love.

October 10 — Got it!

The Bible accurately observes that "...we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him." I am convinced that these heavenly "works" are taking place; new realities dazzle me every day. They surround me. Everything is a miracle!

October 9 — Let it Be

We are held by powerful hands and might as well be ready for whatever is going to happen in this world. After all, cancer and the death of loved ones may bring anguish to our hearts, but those dark experiences provide energy for climbing to previously unreachable levels of wisdom and understanding.

October 8 — Accept Limits

We have little power over the things that happen to us and even less over the outcomes of those events. Accepting limitations creates an important protection against arrogance and provides a sure basis for peaceful acceptance of what we can't change.

October 7 — It's All Good

Personal failure is the soil in which humility can grow strong. Pain and suffering are the experiences that develop a sense of compassion and sensitivity. Good health acquires a deeper significance following a life-threatening illness. Belief in heaven has a more profound dimension when the believer's mother is there. It's all good!

October 6 — Keep Climbing

I only discover the power of love when I am in a situation that could make me hate, only learn to pardon by being injured, real faith when faced with great doubt, real hope in the face of despair, real light in the face of darkness, ultimate joy only after sadness, and real understanding after great confusion. The path to wisdom and godliness is always uphill.

October 5 — It is Never About Us

Only as we perform a deed of service with absolutely no regard for what the recipient will think of us as the doers, are we finally free to do them good as an act of genuine love.

October 4 — Be Yourself

Carefully consider other people's opinions of you but refuse to let yourself be defined by them.

October 3 — Speak Truth Softly

Shouting at people is never an effective communication method. I've learned to gently speak the truth to others with the reduced volume that God uses these days when He quietly speaks truth to me.

October 2 — Turn on Voices

Create within yourself a chorus of voices supplying positive affirmations that will build up your spirit and encourage you to engage in those pursuits that positively impact your own life and the lives of those around you.

October 1 — Grow Up

Become one of the mature human beings who fully engage in the processes of life and are no longer forced to live according to the debilitating "scripts" and depressing messages that we all have received since childhood.

September 30 — Be Content with Not Knowing

Os Guinness truthfully said, "We don't always know why, but we know why we trust God who knows why." This assurance enables us to embrace the miraculously and often astonishing blessings that lie on the other side of any pain and loss.

September 29 — Go With the Plan

"Things don't just happen — they're planned." I have witnessed on countless occasions how circumstances that seemed negative or even tragic lead to wonderful outcomes, and have often come to realize that the negative event was necessary for the wonderful outcome to occur.

September 28 — Expect Miracles

People who imagine themselves to be immersed in an ongoing series of miraculous events are able to insert themselves into their lives with greater enthusiasm than those who live as though the circumstances of their lives were meaningless, chaotic, or even malicious.

September 27 — Engage

Engagement in life becomes effortless when we regard life as a matrix of miracles expressed through family members, friends, and the people with whom we worship and work. Disengaging, in that case, would require effort.

September 26 — Set Your Spirit Free

We can live in emotional freedom. For example, every year for the last couple of decades I have been able to honestly say, "I have never been more fulfilled or more joyful than during this past year." It hardly mattered that I got cancer in one of those years, had a massive pulminary embolism in another, and for three years during that time I had no steady source of income.

September 25 — Embrace Indomitable Peace

Indomitable joy and serenity are reserved for those who maintain a capacity for wonder, a feeling of humble uncertainty, and a fresh sense of always getting started about the real business of life. After all, Jesus declared that entrance into His Peaceable Kingdom is reserved for people who become like children.

September 24 — Enjoy Two-Minute Vacations

We can renew mind and spirit by taking "two-minute vacations" during which we might experience a fresh sense of wonder or even elation at some otherwise unnoticed item in our environment, mind, or memory.

September 23 — Keep Moving Upwards

Unforced rhythms of both work and repose can continually tend in an upward spiral in the direction of joy and harmony and never downward towards confusion and sorrow.

September 22 — Stay Really Alive

A simple change of viewpoint is sufficient to convert a tiresome duty into an interesting opportunity. Grace helps to conform our actual experience to Gandhi's principle that we be "vibrantly alive in repose" and "still in the midst of activity."

September 21 — Engage Others with Joy

Remaining engaged with life and with other people at a continually joyful level will diminish our inclinations to grow panicky or upset when things go wrong. We can sometimes keep our head when those about us are losing theirs, as Kipling advised.

September 20 — Put Your Whole Self In

Fully and completely engaging in life provides effective protection against the forces of monotony and world-weariness. As we become engaged in living we find the cycles of life going on about us to be increasingly more interesting; people become endlessly fascinating. We eventually won't remember the last time we were bored.

September 19 — Have Fun

We engage wholeheartedly in life by indulging deeply in appropriate pleasures. Such disciplines as goodness, self-control, and gentleness set free our capacities to enjoy life to the full.

September 18 — Don't Stop! Keep Moving!

Cumulative energy can result when insignificant individual events are repeated a sufficient number of times. A single step is of no consequence. A hundred steps might take you to the corner of the street. A hundred thousand steps will take you across a town. A million steps will carry you to the other side of the planet. As Conrad Hilton noted: "Successful men keep moving."

September 17 — Go With the Flow

Joy-filled relationships with spouse, children, friends, fellow-workers, members of our religious community, and extended family all result from "a great wind blowing us across the heavens," to paraphrase the words of a Native American Poet.

September 16 — Be Accepting

Lasting happiness never comes as a reward for anything we have done. It only comes from my putting ourselves into the position of receiving what the Universe, after all, offers as a gift.

September 15 — Ignore Things You Can't Fix

Fretting about whether we are being shown the respect we deserve, or whether we are coming down with something, or whether politicians are carrying out their duties.... Let's release these negative and pointless concerns.

September 14 — Be Happy with Your Life

The fact is, if you can't be happy without money and fame, then you would be unhappy with them, as well.

September 13 — Resist Ignorance

Becoming wise involves resisting the comforts of deliberate ignorance.

September 12 — Sow For a Happy Harvest

By planting seeds of loving service we renew connections with people around us and prepare for harvests of joy.

September 11 — Blow Away the Bad Stuff

Permit the winds of grace to blow away both unforgiving attitudes and unforgiven feelings because they are powerfully and indivisibly connected with each other and with your own health and spiritual wellbeing.

September 10 — Embrace the Modern World

Anyone born at any previous time in history would regard modern civilization as providing a heavenly plane of existence. However, if my life is untouched by grace, I will be miserable even if I live in a time and place offering aspirin, the World Wide Web, and flush toilets.

September 9 — Release with Mind & Heart

Terrible things are going on in this world. Some day I will die — probably die hard. However, no possibility or circumstance has the power to overthrow my continual joy and even delight.

September 8 — Make Happiness Your Goal

Six weeks before he died, a reporter asked Elvis Presley, "Elvis, when you first started playing music, you said you wanted to be rich, famous and happy.
     "Are you happy?"
     "I am lonely as hell" he replied.

I am sure in his more reflective moments Elvis would have admitted that of the three goals, he really had missed the most important one.

September 7 — Ignore Negative Circumstances

You can maintain peacefulness, or at least recover it, when your attitudes of peace and joy no longer depend for their existence upon external conditions or circumstances.

September 6 — Just Serve

Be a servant to the people around you and don't try to straighten out their opinions regarding things they aren't asking your advice about. After all, when is the last time you were able to change anybody's mind about anything?

September 5 — Be a Cheerful Survivor

The happiest people are not those who have no problems but are those cheerful survivors who have overcome difficulties and even tragedies. "Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise." (Samuel Lover)

September 4 — Find Peace Through Service

Serving others ennobles life and empowers us to put away fretfulness and worry.

September 3 — Fix Your Attitude

I've come to the magnificent surmise that genuine quality of life depends upon attitude and never upon circumstance.

September 2 — Enlarge Yourself Through Knowledge

My opinion about Darwin changed completely when I finally read Origin of Species. My opinions about homosexuals completely when I actually became friends with some gay people. My attitude towards atheists changed when I actually got to know some atheists on a personal level. My attitude towards Mormons.... (I could go on-and-on).

September 1 — Question Yourself

Critical thinking opens mind and heart to good things, because we grow and change as we engage with ideas that differ from our opinions and preconceptions.

August 31 — Just Do What You Should

You will never feel guilt about the past nor anxiety about the future as long as you simply do in the present the things that Heaven directs your hands to do. Do that today! Now!

August 30 — Don't Worry. (No, Really! Just Don't)

Worry robs us of the joy and the sense of accomplishment that are rightfully ours. Worry never fixes anything. Let's refuse to go there. Ever!

August 29 — Be a Carrier

I have come to believe that the grace of Heaven is a divine infection. It's an STD, a socially transmitted disease that we catch from each other.

August 28 — Be At Peace

The contemporary admonition to "just deal with it!" is fundamentally wise. Learn simply to take responsibility for your emotional wellbeing and to put dark things away from your mind and spirit forever.

August 27 — Be Blessed

Heaven offers boundless resources for blessing is through a Divine Presence and especially through the dynamic people that overflow our lives every day.

August 26 — Live Free

Let us not hedge our lives about with worthless passions and costly but useless possessions — wasting every day in hollow attempts to pay the price for Protection and Freedom that the Universe actually offers to us without cost.

August 25 — Be At Peace

One of the great things about putting my whole self into life is that I can't remember the last time I had any feelings of desperation about anything.

August 24 — Grab the Power

Dynamic heavenly energies surrounding us on all sides like a cloud are far more powerful than the dark forces that threaten to drain us of our joy and to bring us down.

August 23 — Prepare for the Big Sleep

Treat the final rest when it comes as a blessed sleep, like the one that marks the conclusion of each 24-hour period. With all temporal rhythms and earthly cadences at an end, anticipate the experience to be the sunrise of an Eternal Day.

August 22 — Be Dazzled

I am continually amazed by the people I meet every day; I come to love every one of them from my heart. Why shouldn't I do so? It's a great way to live!

August 21 — Energize Yourself

An unfailing source of energy is available to empower us for growth and renewal of our spirit. The great thing we can come to understand is that we are awash in a sea of grace.

August 20 — Have Faith

Faith in the ultimately benevolent character of the universe delivers us from worry. Fretfulness would then reveal a fundamental hypocrisy. Worry becomes impossible without doubt.

August 19 — Only Believe

You won't spend another minute being anxious if you really do believe that the hand of a benevolent Master is shaping the parts of your life — making things work out for the best no matter how momentarily terrible current realities may seem.

August 18 — Don't Bother Being Defensive

Since defensive behavior is always harmful, stop being defensive. It takes two people to have a fight; make up your mind never to be the second person.

August 17 — Get In Tune

The brief melody and lyrics of any life comprise no solo composition but are part of a vast choral production, a celestial oratorio directed by a Cosmic Composer.

August 16 — Find Happiness

Happiness is where we find it. The wonders of nature and of the beautiful people who surround us can overflow life and fill our days with pleasure and joy.

August 15 — Look Inside for the Joy

Thirteen-year-old Anne Frank was able to write in her famous journal, "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." She found joy in her heart and not at all in her circumstance.
We can too!

August 14 — Don't Be Too Sure

I'm grateful to be as uncertain of anything as some people are sure of everything.

August 13 — Take Control of Your Emotions

It is disappointing that some people can live a lifetime without learning that they are in charge of their feelings. To continually burden ourselves and those around us with a weight of negative and critical attitudes, feelings, and opinions would represent a terrible spiritual failure.

August 12 — Get the Darkness out of Your Heart

When someone cuts us off in traffic, it is inaccurate to say that the person made us angry. The person's action merely sets free the anger that we had in our spirit. Jesus wouldn't have been angered, for example. Or Mother Teresa. Or Gandhi. Or Buddha.

August 11 — Know When to Be Quiet

Let's express thoughts that preserve harmony and bring peace, or else hold our tongue. When we are at our best, circumstances will sometimes be able to make a song of our silences.

August 10 — Stop Answering That Door!

Whenever Depression knocks on my heart, seeking entrance, I send Hopefulness to answer the door.

August 9 — Focus On the Positive

Put your whole self into relationships with others by avoiding needlessly negative attitudes. Everybody at some point surely deserves your respect and even admiration. That's what we should focus on because it is what we would wish others to focus on when they look at use.

August 8 — Let Slander Pass

When someone says something bad about us that is not true, let's just let it go, consoling ourselves with the sure knowledge that the truth will eventually drive away the falsehood. Or if it is true then we should feel bad long enough to confess sincerely to anyone we wronged, and then just move on.

August 7 — Don't Defend Yourself

Never be defensive about anything. Attempts at revenge, justification, or getting even are always detrimental to your emotional health. Humility yields great social power and peace of mind.

August 6 — Don't Stop Loving

Following five decades of marriage I still enjoy giving my wife warm hugs at the beginning and ending of each day. Every time I leave her to run an errand I hug her again and we tell each other "I love you." Each time it feels good!

August 5 — Live with the Breaks Off

Full engagement with life requires us to throw ourselves into the processes of living — whether struggling with cancer or on vacation in Yosemite —by opening a Source of joy that is brighter than the darkness of disease and greater than Half Dome's mighty summit.

August 4 — Don't Gossip

A wise person avoids gossip both by not listening to it and by not spreading it to others. What good could be served by spreading negative information about another person regardless of whether or not it is true?

August 3 — Stop Looking for Gratitude

When we serve someone from a sense of true humility we will neither look for nor even particularly notice whether the person is grateful or not because the joy that comes from the simple privilege of being able to contribute to the happiness of someone we love is its own reward.

August 2 — Be Good for Others

I am good for the people around me to the extent that I embrace them without paying attention to whatever faults or shortcomings I might notice, except as a rare opportunity to offer helpful advice or to make an occasional loving rebuke.

August 1 — Care for Others and Show Them You Do

Show people that you care about them beginning with simply listening to them when they speak. Keep your mouth shut as much as possible.

July 31 — Stop Pointless Arguments

Let's be prepared to rebuke injustice or to correct error when doing so actually makes things better. However, when people simply say things that we don't agree with, let's try to resist jumping in to argue our own position. (That's difficult sometimes.)

July 30 — Be Genuine

Eliminate the frustration and hypocrisy that will result from any attempt to attain to a goodness that lies beyond your reach or pretending to live by a standard that you don't actually practice!

July 29 — Embrace Destiny

The task of shaping destiny remains unfinished until life ends. The egg is always hatching, and I'll kill the life inside if I ever stop the process. I am just getting started.

July 28 — Don't Worry About the Big Picture

Don't concern yourself with details about whatever Grand Scheme is planned for this world. Simply commit yourself to embracing whatever purpose the Universe has for you today.

July 26 — Take the Three Keys to Happiness

Confess your failures, accept forgiveness, put away any resentment or anger that you might have against anybody in the world, and embrace joy.

July 25 — Move Forward; Move Up

The processes of confession, repentance, and self-forgiveness empower me to deny tiresome and depressing patterns of personal failure and resentment permitting me to move forward and upward.

July 24 — Forgive Everyone, Everything, Always

In the absence of higher motivations such as love and kindness it would still be possible to engage in forgiveness as a fundamentally selfish act and to forgive people because of the need to free ourselves from the acids of resentment that will otherwise burn into our soul.

July 23 — Put Bad Stuff Behind Your Back

By continually putting behind us the mistakes and failures of the previous day, we are able continually to rediscover sources of forgiveness and grace that make it possible to move beyond the blunders and absurdities committed by others and especially those committed by ourselves.

July 22 — Move Towards Wisdom

Joni Mitchell's lyrical song, "Both Sides Now," captures stages of awareness from my history because my own attitudes have moved from illusion through disillusionment to a final state in which I understand that ultimate Truth is greater than I can comprehend or define — although I sense it is wonderful beyond belief.

July 21 — Harvest Wisdom

We harvest wisdom, insight, and peace as we confront even the most terrible events and circumstances with acceptance, reflection, and resignation.

July 20 — Let Grace Overflow Your Life

I can't imagine a more compelling "proof" for the power of grace than the fact that I go to bed every night grateful that I hadn't done a single thing that day that I didn't want to do or spent a minute with someone whom I wished would go away.

July 19 — Use Negative Energy to Grow

We grow as we embrace difficult circumstances with both arms. I discovered things about healthy attitudes through my bout with melanoma that I could never have found otherwise and learned lessons about the comfort of God through the death of people dear to me that I would never have learned in any other way.

July 18 — Be Moveable

The one unquestionable truth by which I order my life is the fact that the universe is under control of benevolent forces that continually move me towards the light, providing I am willing to be moved. Purpose and planning lie beneath everything as I simply permit Heaven to shape the content and direction of my life.

July 17 — Become Better Through Genuine Humility

Unshakable certainty about almost anything is possible only by pretending a particular dogma or belief to be absolutely true while shutting out contradictory realities. We might as well admit to walking through life with an intellectual limp, which is one of the most important and ultimately satisfying of all realizations about ourselves.

July 16 — Make Use of Conflict

We grow and thrive by processing experience and learning that challenges our belief system and perhaps even forcing us to confront and question the basic principles by which we have always lived.

July 15 — Be Thankful About This

Be grateful every day for the positive energies that keep flowing to you that can lift you above the vagaries of both chance and the limitations of your personality, thus giving you some measure of control over the direction in which your life is heading.

July 14 — Just Love

Life becomes more satisfying when we intend to engage wholeheartedly with the people around us and with Heaven above.

July 13 — Let Go With Love

The power of unreciprocated love is a spiritual truth that any wise person can discover by personal experience. We eventually come to realize that Buddha was right when he said, "In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you love? How deeply did you learn to let go?"

July 12 — Overcome Guilt

When guilt and doubt assail you, immediately open your heart to a fresh flow of forgiveness and reassurance that will pulverize any lingering effects of the darkness.

July 11 — Accept Everything

Giving in to any temptation to look with disdain or contempt upon another kills the possibility of true compassion and kindness. When religion or opinions serve to cut you off from others, just stop being so opinionated or religious.

July 10 — Don't Argue with Anyone

One of the reasons I maintain a simple attitude towards life and and attempt to avoid arguing is because I've never been able to change anybody's mind about anything. I'm in this world to be a servant to the people around me and not to try to straighten out their opinions regarding things they aren't asking my advice about. It's all good!

July 9 — Just Dance

I wish to dance through this world amazed by the miraculous things I see around me, beneath my feet, and above my head. I want to live my life in perfect harmony with the One who inhabits them all. And by His grace, I usually do!

July 8 — Humbly Admit Your Shortcomings

Some of us who go to church every week aren't particularly good people. We have true humility, except that we sometimes are filled with pride. We have perfect tolerance, except that we sometimes pronounce harsh judgments upon others. Freely admitting our imperfections is an act of humility that might protect us from the sin of hypocritically maintaining a facade of supposed holiness.

July 7 — Just Listen

Pity the people who keep their heads down and their ears closed to the music of the spheres that continually wells up around them. The harmonies are pianissimo but not muted. The melodies of love that flow through the Universe will wash pains and sorrows from every prepared heart.

July 6 — Find Your Tune

Create a little tune as part of a vast musical production that The Universe has been performing since our primitive ancestors looked towards the heavens with the first intimation of the truth that each life is part of a grand orchestra directed by a Celestial Composer composing a cosmic concert from musical threads supplied by each of us performers.

July 5 — Embrace Healthy Skepticism

Healthy skepticism will protect you from believing everything you hear or even think. Nevertheless, strong currents of true wisdom will pass the filter of healthiest skepticism every day as you are continually lifted by the intelligence and insights of others.

July 4 — Enjoy Another Freedom

When life is filled with activities of service for Heaven and for others and we are creatively engaging with the world, then we are free to rise above the worries and concerns that otherwise would pull us down. What better "freedom" than this?

July 3 — Get Up on Those Shoulders

We should seek wisdom and teachings from a wide variety of sources because we can see some distance ahead when elevated by the smallest amount of wisdom and will develop a breathtaking view of the possibilities of the world if, like Newton, we are able to stand on the shoulders of giants.

July 2 — Serious Business

"Joy is the serious business of heaven," as C.S. Lewis noted. Therefore, when we continually offer ourselves as an instrument of His peace, why should we be amazed when The Heavenly Father performs His "business" in our lives?

July 1 — Forgive and Move On

I no longer spend a moment worrying about whether people who hurt or insult me deserve to be forgiven. Any act of forgiving others becomes a gift I give myself because anger, bitterness, and resentment will diminish or even extinguish the qualities of joy, serenity, and cheerfulness that Heaven intended as my birthright.

June 30 — Find Joy Through Service

Service for others creates a quiet strength that dissipates dark forces of stress and dissatisfaction, which would prevent us from experiencing life at its most joyful and fulfilling levels.

June 29 — Use Troubles for Growth

Helen Keller used the circumstance of her life as a basis for challenging and changing her world. I am confronting the dysfunctional things in my own life and, like Keller with her blindness and deafness, channeling them into sources of spiritual power and service.

June 28 — Find the Genuine Good Life

The essence of The Good Life for me is founded upon serving others and letting Heaven work out the results.

June 27 — Channel God By Serving Others

Service for others connects you to something greater than yourself. People become channels through which God comes to you.

June 26 — Free Yourself!

Genuine freedom of the spirit comes from an attitude of simplicity towards the material world and some degree of minimalism towards one's possessions.

June 25 — Believe There's Purpose

When we can't discern any meaning and purpose in the complex matrix of existence that we are caught up in, it's enough simply to know that an Ultimate Purpose can exist without our knowing what it is.

June 24 — Don't Bother with Death

Someday we will die. The actual experience in that other dimension will be more wonderful than the best day of our earthly existence. In the meantime, let us live joyfully one day at a time, including that final day. Why not?

June 23 — Be Teachable

Be willing at any time to reassess your worldview and your understanding of truth. People who are humble are easier to live with.

June 22 — Love Anyway

Some people will not understand, trust, or accept our love. After all, Jesus was crucified by people He Loved absolutely. We don't focus on results.

June 21 — Keep Connected to Heaven

I keep the telephone of my mind open to messages of peace, harmony, health, love, and abundance. Then, whenever Doubt, Anxiety, and Fear attempt to call me, they keep getting a busy signal and eventually add my number to their cosmic DO NOT CALL list.

June 20 — Embrace Life

I no longer struggle with life but continually embrace it — and am constantly dazzled by the way in which life keeps hugging back.

June 19 — Live Above the Mess

Unpleasant experiences and even tragedies may shake me up but they no longer can pull me down. I've learned to be content whatever my circumstances. Really content!

June 18 — Don't Be Defensive

As part of my own coming to humility, I am trying never to be defensive about anything.

June 17 — Focus on Spirit

True Joy is an inside-out project, not determined by outward circumstances and often disconnected from them.

June 16 — Don't Criticize

Sharp criticism will never be effective in helping anyone become better or to do better because critical comments by others never helped us to improve.

June 15 — Know What You Don't Know

Bertrand Russell wrote: "A big problem in this world is that the idiots are convinced that they know everything and the intelligent people are full of doubts." He's probably right because I have never met a fool who entertained the slightest uncertainty about his/her opinions. More than once I've entertained such foolish certainties myself.

June 14 — Pay Attention to the Silence

I only experience the full impact of the Divine Presence when I listen to the silence that fills the heavenly spaces and to what isn't being said but that I, nevertheless, come to realize and understand.

June 13 — Wise Up

At times, we will grow anxious, depressed, or angry. However, there need be nothing dismaying about such a break if we simply regard the lapse itself as one of the events in life to learn from and then use the lesson to encourage wiser behaviors in the future.

June 12 — Let It Go

When someone has gone astray, if I am not able to intervene with a gentle and helpful rebuke then I try to remove the knowledge of the person's mis-behavior from my mind. The Bible says that God has put my sin behind His back, so that's where I intend to put it for others.

June 11 — Practice Wisdom

Only by practical application can knowledge be driven into our hearts and then converted into wisdom that will finally make us good for ourselves, for others, and for Heaven's sake.

June 10 — Simply Love

Life becomes sweeter when we truly love the people around us! We can simply decide to never get uselessly upset. And not tell people off. And move ourselves out of inappropriate competitions. That kind of righteousness is simple. Aggression, competition, road rage, and trying to get the best of the people around us complicates relationships. Or destroys them.

June 9 — Don't Push Away Joy With Negative Feelings

Whenever angry, disappointed, or petulant, you are permit negative energies to push away the joy, peace, and happiness that could otherwise have been filling your heart and mind.

June 8 — Just Forgive And Let it Go

Successful engagement with life is powered by the core energies that acts of forgiveness can supply, both as we receive pardon for the things we have done and, in turn, as we pardon ourselves and others. Everybody!

June 7 — Stay on the Path

Become a pilgrim in the company of a Faithful Companion who knows the way ahead, leads you by the hand, and fills you with love for fellow-travelers who share the road with you.

June 6 — Follow The Essential Truth

Let's admit that our grasp on Truth is limited and we don't know very much. However, let's seek crystal clear truth about the attitudes and tasks required of us right now because that's enough truth!

June 5 — Don't Be So Sure

The older we get the less confidence we will have about our ability to reason things through to unquestionable assurance that we are absolutely right about anything.

June 4 — Care for Others

Every day I pray that I will be a blessing to each person I meet that day. The practice has transformed the quality of my life.

June 3 — Reach Your Personal Best

Every day get out of bed with your mind filled with things you are going to do that day to be good for yourself, for others, and for Heaven's sake. Aristotle observed that excellence is not an act but a habit. Loving service can be, as well.

June 2 — Serve And Love Today

Life affords numerous clearly understood opportunities to serve Heaven and to love others! It makes sense to rise to meet those opportunities and doing so is enough to fill any life with meaning.

June 1 — Don't Say Everything You Think

Let's not challenge any value, theory, or belief when we are unable to understand the reasoning and perspective of the people who adhere to it. The only wise response in that case is to simply admit our ignorance and never again make the mistake of rejecting any opinion simply because it is contrary to views to which we already hold.

May 31 — Practice Pure Love

Anticipate that your love for your spouse and others close to you will become more healthy each year. Offer to them the kind of love they deserve. It's simply the right way to live — and the way of joy.

May 30 — Admit Your Limitations

I don't know much, but at least I now know that I can't prove much of anything to be absolutely true, which is a powerful reason to avoid arguments.

May 29 — Love with an Indomitable Love

Love that springs from grace has an indomitable quality because people cannot escape our love. They are able to withdraw so that our love no longer affects them, but they are unable to do anything to lesson our regard for them or cause our commitment to them to cease or even to diminish.

May 28 — Love Yourself Healthy

People fall into illness when they feel that the sources of their love have been withdrawn: lovers have left them, parents have abused them, friends have betrayed them.... They feel that they are no longer being loved, but their real problem is that they have stopped loving. They can do something about that if only they will. I know, because I have done something about it.

May 27 — Speak from Sincere Motives

When they realize the sincerity of my love for them, some people will listen thoughtfully to my most important conviction, which is the willingness and ability of The Master to bring good things out of bad — the most encouraging thing I know.

May 26 — Just Love

I’m at the point at which I can actually love people with my whole heart without the slightest urge to harshly judge or criticize them. I stumble, sometimes, especially when tempted to judge and criticize others for being judgmental and critical. But even partial victories open doorways to joy!

May 25 — Think Deeper

They say that you can't believe everything you see, but I made a great leap forward when I finally learned that neither can I believe everything I think. I am continually fighting the temptation to believe something simply because it makes sense to me.

May 24 — Realize That You Don't Know Much

Awareness of how much I don't understand turned out to be the most important lesson learned from my 12 years in higher education. The resulting humility provides an ultimately liberating basis for remaining continually dazzled by the awe and wonder of it all.

May 23 — Forgive Without Boundaries

Forgiveness is a spiritual principle rather than a religious doctrine — as important for atheists as it is for preachers.

May 22 — Just Serve

A passion for serving others adds a special quality to any action. With the good of others in view, perform any task with excellence.

May 21 — Embrace Modern Living

The world today is full of wonders that previous generations couldn't have imagined. And we haven't seen anything yet. My wish is to be continually amazed by all these discoveries and innovations. And I am!

May 20 — Embrace Indomitable Joy

Cheerful resignation to every circumstance of life is a logical response to my confidence that my life and times are held in Hands that will never let me drop unless something wonderful could be gained from my fall. Even in that case, no other response makes sense except simply, "Thy will be done."

May 19 — Control Your Temper

I can’t recall a single time during the decades of my life when I lost my temper at someone, spoke to them in a hurtful fashion, and felt afterwards that I had accomplished anything good by my actions. So I never do that anymore. Never!

May 18 — Be Flexible

Flexibility is a necessity not an option if we intend to thrive amidst the changes taking place all around us. No longer expect permanence in anything. Embrace change.

May 17 — Plant Relationships

Joy and happiness are fruit that grow in the spiritual soil of happy relationships beginning with the members of our nuclear family and extending to the people encountered in every part of life.

May 16 — Choose Happiness

You are the only person who can make you happy. Because happiness is a choice. Since you’re as happy as you choose to be, you might as well choose to be really happy.

May 15 — Continue Seeking the Source of All Peace

A divine place at the center of my being is a refuge to which I can flee and remain undisturbed no matter how fiercely the storms of life may blow — a sanctuary in which I can shelter during conflicts and troubles.

May 14 — Seek a Source of Peace

I possess a peace that "transcends all understanding." — not because it involves some complicated insight but because it surpasses expectations and rational explanations.

May 13 — Work at Being Pleasant

It does no good for family members or associates to see me out-of-sorts and to listen to my bad-tempered remarks. My goal is to reduce these to zero. Why wouldn't I try to do so? (It's tough sometimes but the war is worth the struggle!)

May 12 — Keep Your Cool

A commitment to be a positive influence for everyone we meet, eliminates the possibility of ever engaging in harsh criticism, scorn, or any show of anger.

May 11 — Live Above Circumstance

My beliefs, attitudes, and actions combine to exert far greater influence upon the direction in which my life goes than any circumstance, coincidence, or "luck," whether good or bad.

May 10 — Set Your Sails

I am not the captain of my soul. But God is sending favorable winds that are blowing my little ship towards an amazing Final Destination.

May 9 — Embrace Everything

Great blessings often result from terrible misfortunes! Embrace everything as coming from the hand of a benevolent Heavenly Power. Why not?

May 8 — Give Freely

Selfish people fail to realize the principle that givers are more blessed through acts of giving than recipients are through acts of receiving. A greedy person is a sad individual. And a sorry one.

May 7 — Maintain a Grateful Heart

Empower the blessings in your life by deliberately and continually acknowledging their Heavenly Source. Life moves upwards fueled by the energies generated by a grateful heart.

May 6 — Don't Even Ask

I think Heaven never responds to the question, "Why me?" about any circumstance because the real answer, bound up in the rejoinder question, "Why not me?" is too obvious for God to bother with. Anne Frank died in a concentration camp. Job lost his family, home, and health. Jesus died on the cross. How stupid and arrogant would it be to think that I'm entitled to any kind of Get Out Of Jail Free card?

May 5 — Never Be Defensive

When people become angry and shout at you, their anger certainly represents fear or insecurity rather than actual malice. A positive attitude will usually be rewarded by eventual (and sometimes dramatic) restoration of friendly or at least cordial relationships.

May 4 — Unleash Expectation's Power

Imagine that the people surrounding you are extraordinary human beings; anticipate that each of them will be excellent. Unleash the power of positive expectations on everyone. (Why not?)

May 3 — A Safe Place

I am grateful for a heavenly shelter that affords me protection from whatever spiritual and emotional turmoil might threaten my wellbeing — a refuge to which I fly when the storms of life threaten to throw me down. The refuge is always there; I am always safe.

May 2 — Reach For The Best Out Of Everybody

We most effectively reach our potential for goodness and self-worth by simply treating each other as valuable human beings; we get the best out of people by going to what is best in them.

May 1 — Make Others Shine

One of the greatest rewards can be the pleasure of watching others smile and shine in response to our own engagement with life, and with Heaven, and with them. -->

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